Film Scores

NFL Network “A Football Life” Series
NBC Sports “Earl Campbell”
HBO "Namath: From Beaver Falls to Broadway" ••• Emmy Nomination
CBS “Road To The Super Bowl 47” ••• Emmy Nomination
HBO “Hard Knocks - Training Camp With The Miami Dolphins” ••• Emmy Nomination
Nicktoons “NFL Rush Zone - Season Of The Guardians” Animated Series - Season 2
NFL Network “Ed Sabol’s Last Football Film” ••••• Emmy Award Winner 2011
HBO "Lombardi" Film ••• Emmy Nomination
NFL Network “Game Changers”
CBS "Championship Chase"
NFL Network "The Season"
Showtime "Super Six Boxing Classic"
Showtime "Fight Camp 360"
HBO "Hard Knocks" 2001-2010 – Opening Theme & score ••••• Emmy Award Winner 2007
NFL Network "America's Game: The Missing Rings"
Nicktoons “NFL Rush Zone - Guardians Of The Core” Animated Series - Season 1
ESPN "LeMans: Truth In 24" ••• Emmy Nomination
NFL Network "Michael Irvin – Road To Canton"
NFL Network "Super Bowl Journey"
CBS "America's Game" 40 Show Series ••• Emmy Nomination
CBS/Fox "Road To The Super Bowl" 1996-2012 ••• Emmy Nomination
FOX "Favre 4-Ever" 1 Hour Special ••••• Emmy Award Winner 2005
History Channel "Blood From A Stone" Original Movie ••• Emmy Nomination
HBO "Super Bowl I - A Wild Ride"
ESPN Emmitt Smith "Run With History" ••••• Emmy Award Winner 2003
HBO "Hard Knocks" 2002 – 6 Part Series
HBO "Hard Knocks" 2001 – 6 Part Series
ABC Monday Night Football "7 Days To Monday" 2002-2004
ABC Monday Night Football "Watching Wires" 2003-2004
ABC "NFL Century" - 4 Part Series •••••Emmy Award Winner 2001
HBO "Unitas" •••••Emmy Award Winner 2000
CBS "History Of The U.S. Navy Football"
CBS "Summer Camp" ••• Emmy Nomination
ESPN "The Bravest Team: Rebuilding FDNY"
ESPN "Presents - Vermiel"
FOX "Road To The Super Bowl" Series 1996-2004
TNT "Football America" ••• Emmy Nomination
TNT "Big Game America" ••• Emmy Nomination
TNT "Six Days To Sunday" ••• Emmy Nomination
TNT "75 Seasons" ••••• Emmy Award Winner 1994
ESPN "Jolly Roger"

Opening Themes

NFL Network NFL AM
NFL Network First On The Field
NBC Sports "Turning Point"
NFL Network "A Football Life"
NFL Network “Top 10”
NFL Network “Sound FX”
"Echoes Of Eternity" Official Theme of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame
NFL Network "NFL Draft"
NFL Network "Football Freakonomics"
NFL Network "The Season"
Showtime "Showtime Sports" Theme
NFL Network "Super Bowl Journey"
MLB Network "Hot Stove"
NFL Network “NFL GameDay Morning”
NFL Network “Around The League”
Showtime "Inside NASCAR"
MLB Network "Thursday Night Baseball"
Showtime "Inside The NFL"
ESPN "NFL Films Presents"
Showtime "Super Six Boxing Classic"
Showtime "Fight Camp 360"
"The Lombardi Trophy Super Bowl Theme" Official Theme Of the Super Bowl
NFL Network "Thursday Night Football" Opening Theme ••• Emmy Nomination
CBS "America's Game" Series ••• Emmy Nomination
NASCAR "Thunder" The Official Theme Of NASCAR
FOX "NFL Under The Helmet"
ABC Monday Night Football "7 Days To Monday" Open
ESPN "NFL Films Presents"
NFL Network - Official Thematic Branding of NFL Network
NFL Network "NFL Total Access" Theme
NFL Network "NFL Films Presents" Theme
NFL Network "Game of the Week in HD" Theme
NFL Network "Football America" Theme
NFL Network "Tailgate" Theme
NFL Network - 7 additional show opens
ESPN "Jolly Roger"
NFL "Blast" International
NFL "Touchdown" International

Interactive / Video Games

2009-2012 EA Madden, content music
2008 EA Madden, Opening Theme and content music
2007 EA Madden Football, content music
2006 EA E3 Convention Trailer music
2006 EA Madden Football, content music, Super Bowl Theme
2004 EA Sports NASCAR Game, content music and themes
2004 EA Sports NASCAR Game, "Thunder" Nextel Theme
2004 EA E3 Convention - Thematic music for game previews

National TV Campaigns

NFL National Campaign 2006-2012
Hasbro "BattleBall" National TV Campaign
Reebok "NFL Equipment" National campaign 02-03
NFL National Campaign 1997-2002 (21 Spots)
New Jersey "Energy Choice" Campaign
NASCAR Championship Chase Campaign
NASCAR 2005 Season Campaign
AFL National Campaign
Castrol Oil, Visa, Ford, Presidential Address Spots

Film Trailers / Theatrical Releases

2006 "America's Game" Theatrical Trailer
2004 Loews/NFL Theatrical Trailer
Super Bowl To The Max - IMAX Trailer
Football America "Gallaudet" documentary short - submitted for oscar nomination
Coca-Cola "Red Zone"
Philadelphia Film Festival Short Film and Trailer
NFL Team Ticket Theatrical Trailers (23 Trailers)

Songs / Arrangements

Forever The Sickest Kids "We Are The Guardians" - Nickelodeon NFL Rush Zone
Disney Movie "Herbie" - NASCAR Theme
Will i Am & Steve Vai - NFL Network Launch "Two Minute Warning"
Cherry Lane Music "40 Years of NFL FIlms Music" 10 CD Box Set
Boyz II Men - Huricane Soundtrack "So Amazing" - String Arrangement
"Power And The Glory" – Tommy Boy Records