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The Annotator • "NFL 100th Anniversary Suite" • Interview on The Annotator Podcast


I was honored to be the 100th Episode of Christopher Coleman's "The Annotator" podcast series where composers share their experiences and stories behind their latest projects. The NFL 100th Anniversary Theme was one of the biggest challenges for me as a composer but one of the more rewarding. I tried to highlight the struggles in the process and the creative benchmark the project dictated.

NFL • "NFL 100th Anniversary Suite" • Theme


I was honored to be able to compose the "NFL 100th Anniversary Theme" for the NFL. It's always challenging to come up with something that sounds new but classic at the same time and get 30 producers and executives to agree on it! It was recorded with an orchestra with over 120 musicians and mixed by the great Steve Moseley.

EPIX • "The Grind" • Theme


Composed the theme to EPIX "The Grind", a unique and ground breaking show premiering on EPIX this season. I was able to re-mix the old great Sam Spence piece "Rampage" to create the open music.

NFL • "NFL Music" • Released on all Music Services


To celebrate the NFL's 100th Season, we are re-mastering and re-mixing selections of NFL Films music including music never released before. Releases will be announced on NFL social media as they become available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other digital download and streaming services.

NFL Network • "Fantasy Live" • Theme


Composed the new theme to "NFL Fantasy Live" on the NFL Network.

NFL Network • "GameDay Prime" • Theme


Composed the new theme to the NFL Network show "GameDay Prime" hosted by Deion Sanders.

HBO • "Hard Knocks - Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns" • Score


Finished the music for another season of HBO "Hard Knocks". The show that never gets old, pushing Baker Mayfields rookie training camp into the spotlight.

Amazon • "All Or Nothing - Carolina Panthers • Score


Season 4 of the award winning series on Amazon "All Or Nothing". This season chronicles the Carolina Panthers like never before with access into all the meetings, conversations and controversy. Great to finish the music on another season!

CBS • Road To The Super Bowl 53 • Score


Composed the score to the CBS Special "Road To The Super Bowl 53" airing on CBS on Super Bowl Sunday. Score performed by an orchestra with over 100 musicians.

NFL Network • The Way Up - Chris Long and the Waterboys" • Score


This film was awesome. A unique story told through Chris Long and the Waterboys who volunteered to climb Mt Kilimanjaro to help bring awareness to the lack of clean water throughout parts of Africa. Chris teamed up with NFL players and Veterans to attempt the dangerous climb. It was an honor to be a part of this film and be able to compose the score.

NFL Network • "NFL Mic'd Up" • Theme


Composed the new theme to NFL Mic'd Up. A great show highlighting the sounds of the NFL.

NFL Network • "Kyle Brandt Football Experience" • Theme


Composed the theme to Kyle Brandt's new show "The Kyle Brandt Football Experience". It was tough writing a piece of music that could match his energy!

NFL • "A Championship Season with the Philadelphia Orchestra • Concert


Helped produce "A Championship Season with the Philadelphia Orchestra". A one night only celebration of the Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles amazing season. We arranged a full concert of NFL Films music performed live to a 50 foot screen above the orchestra telling the story of the season and the historic Super Bowl win and parade celebration. It was an honor to be a part of and have my music performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra as a diehard Eagles fan.

Amazon • "All Or Nothing - Dallas Cowboys" • Score


Season 3 of Amazon "All Or Nothing" featuring the behind the scenes access like only NFL Films can do.

ESPN 30 For 30 • "Deion Double Play" • Score


I got to score another great ESPN 30 for 30 film telling the story of Deion Sanders famous day playing in an NFL and MLB game and the media frenzy surrounding it.

Cirque Du Soleil • "NFL Experience Times Square" • Score


The NFL Experience Times Square is a unique stand alone attraction in the middle of Times Square. An interactive exhibit to give the fan the experience of being an NFL player. The main attraction being a 4D theater playing a film produced by NFL Films as seats shake with every hit and snow falling on patrons. The entire experience from when you enter to when you leave is set to music we produced and composed specifically for this venue. It took us almost 7 months to complete the score performed by more than 90 musicians and mixed in Dolby Atmos.

Amazon • "All Or Nothing - LA Rams" • Score


Completed the score for Season 2 of the award winning series "All Or Nothing - A Season with the Los Angeles Rams". Available on Amazon.

NFL Network • "A Football Life" • Score


Finshed the music to another season of the award winning series "A Football Life". Including films on Emmitt Smith, Jim Kelly and John Randle.

ESPN 30 For 30 • "Two Bills" • Score


Finished the score for the ESPN 30 for 30 "Two Bills", a film about the relationship between Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick. An in depth film about how Parcells influenced Belichick's development as a coach and a person. The film dives deep into two of the greatest coaches and perhaps the greatest ever in Bill Belichick.

iTunes • "Road To The Super Bowl 47" • Soundtrack Release


Soundtrack to the CBS “Road To The Super Bowl 47” Special released on iTunes and other digital download services.

Rio 2016 Olympics • Laura Graves and "Diddy" • Music


Honored to have Laura Graves from the US Olympic Team perform her “Dressage” routine to my composition “Man Of War” in competition during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Laura and her horse “Diddy” scored a personal best with the routine in the team event to push the US to a bronze medal.

HBO • "Hard Knocks - Training Camp with the LA Rams" • Score


Composed the music for another season of the Emmy Award winning series “HBO - Hard Knocks”. This season follows the LA Rams relocation to LA from St. Louis and number one pick Jarred Goff.

NFL Films Studios • "Good Morning Football" • Recording Sessions


Recording Sessions for the new Theme for “Good Morning Football” show. Had a blast working with Mike Leavy (vocals) and Shane Rozum (drums) who brought the track to life. Famous engineer Steve Moseley couldn’t elude the cameras.

NFL Network • "Good Morning Football" • Theme


Composed the Theme to the new morning show on the NFL Network, “Good Morning Football”. Hosted by Kay Adams, Nate Burleson, Peter Schrager and Kyle Brandt.

EMMY Awards • 37th Annual Nominations


37th Annual Emmy Nominations announced. Received a nomination this year for HBO series “Hard Knocks : Training Camp with the Houston Texans”.

NFL Network • "Inside Training Camp Live" • Theme


Composed the Theme to NFL Network’s live coverage of all 32 teams NFL Training Camps, “Inside Training Camp Live”.

Amazon • "All Or Nothing" • Theme / Score


Composed the Theme and Music for the new Amazon franchise “All Or Nothing”. A ground breaking series that is the first to follow an NFL team through an entire season. Behind the scenes access like never before. The first season follows the Arizona Cardinals through a season of ups and downs and a playoff run that ends in dramatic fashion.

Hall Of Fame • "Pro Football Hall Of Fame Concert"


Pro Football Hall of Fame Concert featuring a full orchestra playing the music of NFL Films.

NFL Network • "NFL Combine" • Theme


Opening Theme for NFL Networks live coverage of the NFL Combine.

CBS • "Road To The Super Bowl 50" • Score


CBS “Road To The Super Bowl 50” airs Super Bowl Sunday. An hour long special dramatically retelling the story of the 2015 NFL season. Score featured a live 70 piece orchestra recorded at NFL Films orchestral room.

San Fransico Symphony • "A Concert Of Champions" • Concert


A two night event with the San Francisco Symphony performing the music of NFL Films synchronized to classic images of the NFL on a 40 foot screen. All in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl. Hosted by NFL legend, Marcus Allen.

ESPN 30 For 30 • "Four Falls Of Buffalo" • Score


An Emmy-Nominated film that profiles the Buffalo Bills teams of the early 1990s, when the franchise became the first team to play in - and lose - four straight Super Bowls. A dramatic telling of the story with new insight and interviews.

NFL Network • "The Timeline" • Theme / Score


Composed the Theme and thematic score for the new NFL Films series “The Timeline”. Episodes will air after Thursday Night Football starting with the Favre’s Return, Jersey Guys and Rivalries.

iTunes • "Hard Knocks Volume 3" • Soundtrack Release


Volume 3 Soundtrack to the award winning HBO series “Hard Knocks Volume 3” released on iTunes and other digital download platforms.

NFL Network • "NFL HQ" • Theme


Composed the Theme to the new NFL Network morning show “NFL HQ”.

NBC • "Together We Make Football" • Theme for the National TV Campaign


Continue the thematic branding of the “Together We Make Football” national TV campaign.

NFL Network • "Football Town" • Theme


Composed the Theme to the new NFL Network series “Football Town”. Reality based show about high school football set in Barrow Alaska.

ESPN • "Monday Night Football" • 2015 Season Promos


Composed the score to the 2015 promos for ESPN Monday Night Football.

NFL Network • "Catching Odell" • Theme


Composed the Theme to the new NFL series “Catching Odell”. A reality based show featuring the life of Giants superstar Odell Beckham Jr.

NFL Network • "Undrafted" • Theme


Composed the Theme to the NFL Network series “Undrafted”.

HBO • "Hard Knocks - Training Camp with the Houston Texans" • Score


Scored another season of the award-winning HBO series “Hard Knocks with the Houston Texans”.

NFL • Official Hallmark/Copyright • Orchestral Recording Sessions


Recorded the “Official Branding” of the NFL with a 80 piece orchestra. The theme identifies the NFL in every live game TV broadcast on NBC, CBS, ESPN, NFL Network and on DirecTV.

NFL Network • "Madden NFL Live" • Theme


Composed the Theme to the new series “Madden NFL Live”.

EMMY AWARDS • Award Winner • Music Composition/Direction


Won the Emmy for “Outstanding Music Composition/Direction” at the 36th Annual Award Ceremony for HBO series “Hard Knocks with the Atlanta Falcons”.

NFL Network • "A Football Life" • Score


Another 15 episode season of the award winning series “A Football Life”which will start airing this Fall.
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