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August 2019

NFL • "NFL 100th Anniversary Suite" • Theme


I was honored to be able to compose the "NFL 100th Anniversary Theme" for the NFL. It's always challenging to come up with something that sounds new but classic at the same time and get 30 producers and executives to agree on it! It was recorded with an orchestra with over 120 musicians and mixed by the great Steve Moseley.

EPIX • "The Grind" • Theme


Composed the theme to EPIX "The Grind", a unique and ground breaking show premiering on EPIX this season. I was able to re-mix the old great Sam Spence piece "Rampage" to create the open music.

NFL • "NFL Music" • Released on all Music Services


To celebrate the NFL's 100th Season, we are re-mastering and re-mixing selections of NFL Films music including music never released before. Releases will be announced on NFL social media as they become available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other digital download and streaming services.

NFL Network • "Fantasy Live" • Theme


Composed the new theme to "NFL Fantasy Live" on the NFL Network.

NFL Network • "GameDay Prime" • Theme


Composed the new theme to the NFL Network show "GameDay Prime" hosted by Deion Sanders.

HBO • "Hard Knocks - Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns" • Score


Finished the music for another season of HBO "Hard Knocks". The show that never gets old, pushing Baker Mayfields rookie training camp into the spotlight.
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